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Family Medicine in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA
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Family Medicine services offered in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Health care includes many specialties, with family medicine being at the core. Shaghayegh Tavassoli, DO, offers comprehensive family medical care to residents of the cities of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood at the Beverly Hills Medical Institute in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Tavassoli provides care to families no matter their ethnicity or gender. All patients 12 and up are welcomed to the practice for personalized health care and wellness checks. Call the Beverly Hills Medical Institute office today to schedule an appointment or book a consultation on this website.

Family Medicine Q&A

What’s involved in family medicine?

Family medicine is the basis of all health care. A family medicine practitioner specializes in all aspects of health care, from managing chronic illnesses to acute sick visits.


This area of medicine is all-encompassing it focuses on treating the entire family. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for minor injuries, ailments, and preventative care.


The significant aspect of family medicine is the relationship you build with your doctor. Since you’re able to see Dr. Tavassoli when you’re young, she’s able to follow your health closely throughout your life, providing you with personalized care every step of the way.


Family medicine involves routine checkups, preventative care, diagnostic testing, various treatments, and counseling to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What conditions does family medicine target?

Family medicine is the basis for all other forms of specialized care. It encompasses all your systems and illnesses, allowing Dr. Tavassoli to provide well-rounded care.


If you come down with a cold, you can visit the practice for prompt treatment. Dr. Tavassoli also evaluates and treats other conditions, including:


  • Minor aches and pains
  • Mild to moderate injuries
  • Fevers
  • Illnesses


The practice offers:


  • Lab testing
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Blood sugar checks
  • Sports physicals
  • Family planning


As you can see, family medicine is a broad term that includes almost all of your routine health care needs. Dr. Tavassoli provides you with integrative medical care and personalized treatments to ensure your health is a top priority.

What treatments are given with family medicine?

Comprehensive care is first and foremost when it comes to family medicine. This means Dr. Tavassoli looks at all aspects of your health to determine the best route of treatment and preventative care.


Medication is at the forefront of care in family medicine. If you come in for a bacterial infection or are diagnosed with a chronic disease, Dr. Tavassoli provides you with the right medication to get your condition under control.


She also advises every patient on simple lifestyle changes that can improve outcomes and overall health. This includes things like how to check your blood pressure and diet and exercise tips.


Immunizations are another essential aspect of family medicine. Vaccines and preventative shots are vital to keeping you and your family free of diseases like chickenpox, meningitis, and polio.


If you’re looking for a family practice provider, call the Beverly Hills Medical Institute’s office in Los Angeles, California, today, or book a consultation with Dr. Tavassoli on this website.