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Women's Health services offered in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Women have a distinct set of health needs, which often fall to the bottom of a long to-do list. For those in and around West Hollywood and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California, the Beverly Hills Medical Institute offers outstanding women’s health services. Led by Shaghayegh Tavassoli, DO, you can be sure your health is being supervised by a caring, skilled professional. Call or book an appointment online today if you’re overdue for a well-woman exam or other care.

Women's Health Q&A

What is women’s health?

Women’s health is an area of medical practice focused on addressing issues related to reproductive health. This specialty area is called gynecology, which includes a wide range of screenings and services. 

A well-woman exam is the starting point for women’s health. These visits are performed annually and include a discussion of your current health and any changes you’ve noticed since your last visit. 

A pelvic exam is part of the process, which allows Dr. Tavassoli to inspect your vagina, cervix, and other tissues to look for signs of disease. This is a relatively quick process, and it’s not painful. Pap smear testing can be performed as part of your pelvic exam, and this test examines cells from your cervix to search for early signs of cancer. 

Can I discuss other concerns during a women’s health visit?

There are no limitations to which topics you can broach with your doctor during a women’s health visit. Your needs will shift and change as you move through the phases of life, so a visit at age 24 will be very different from a visit at 54. 

Some of the topics commonly discussed in a women’s health setting include:

  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Birth control
  • Sexual health
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer screening and prevention
  • Fertility care
  • Pre-pregnancy preparations
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis

These are just a few of the many issues that women face as they move through and beyond their reproductive years. 

Why schedule women’s health visits?

Women’s health and overall health care overlap, but there are health needs that are best met in a women’s health exam. One of the biggest reasons to schedule annual well-woman exams is to build a rapport with Dr. Tavassoli. This makes it far easier to discuss sensitive issues with her, if and when the time arises. 

In addition to reproductive health issues, women also have specific needs when it comes to heart disease, cancer, hypertension, depression and anxiety, and a host of other health topics. Your women’s health visits can also serve as an opportunity to learn how to reduce your risk of disease and preserve your good health as long as possible. 

If you’d like to schedule a well-woman exam, call Beverly Hills Medical Institute today to book a visit. Online scheduling is also available, and takes just moments to complete.